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Welcome to the official site for Arizonians for Tomorrow!

We are striving to make a true impact in Arizona one law at a time!


Our Current initiatives 

 – Relating to the HOV lane and the creation of high occupancy toll lanes

Allows cars with less than two people to use HOV lane by paying a toll. This toll benefits Schools, Libraries, State Medicaid and Medicare and many other programs !

I-02-2020  Relating to excessive speeds

Removes Criminal Penalties for Speeding

I-03-2020 – Relating to Arizona State Lottery age

Lowers Lottery Age to 18, 17 with valid Military ID

I-04-2020 – Relating to photo enforcement

Bans Redlight Cameras in the State of AZ

I-05-2020  Relating to liquor age, sale, enforcement and penalties.

Lowers Drinking Age to 18 , with a 30 percent tax for those under 21


****Additional Planned Initiatives***

AZ Second Chance law - Offering Sealing/ Expungement for certain criminal offenses

AZ Worker Protection Act - Protects AZ workers with various work policies


Wednesday, December 12, 2018 5:05 AM

Initiatives Filed!

5 out of 7 expected initiatives filed

Arizonians for Tomorrow
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